SpecialsWhilst we are happy to manufacture products to BS, ISO, DIN and other international Standards, many of our products are customer specific.

We work with our customers to develop components for specific applications. Approximately 50% of our manufacturing program is given over to specials of one kind or another.

Cost downs

An important area where we are able to assist customers is in the area of cost downs. This usually involves taking a turned part and converting it to a forged part with the consequent saving in material (unlike turning, net shape forging produces no scrap in the form of swarf).

Cold forging also produces a stronger piece part as the grain flow is not broken unlike a turned part. Finally, production rates of 120 parts, part minute are fairly typical. All of these factors combine to make cold forging a very cost effective alternative to turned parts. Please contact our sales team with details of your specific application. In order to save time and to enable us to get back to you in the quickest possible time, please forward a drawing or sketch, together with details of the application (safety critical, marine environment, extreme heat etc) and any heat treatment or plating requirements by fax or e-mail as shown on the contacts page.

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