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Tuesday 18th Aug 2020

It's A Riveting World

Here at Clevedon Fasteners, we pride ourselves on the wide range of high-quality rivets we manufacture and provide our customers. From solid rivets, and clutch disk rivets, to semi tubular and self-piercing rivets – our warehouses are riveting in rivets! Below, we have outlined what each of these rivets are, as well as their applications and how you can order them for your next project. 

Solid Rivets

Solid rivets can be used in many applications, making it one of the most popular rivets within the industry. Setting the rivet is achieved by passing the rivet through the material to be fixed, and then either deforming the end of the shank, or fitting a non-return washer – such as a "starlock”. 

There are variations of head forms available, which you can see in the diagram below.

There are also a range of shank forms which you can view in the table, here: If you would like to find out more about solid rivets, click here.

Semi Tubular Rivets

Semi tubular rivets are similar to solid rivets, however they are set by deforming the hole formed in the end of the shank of the rivet. This can be done by using a hand-held punch, or in high volume applications – fully automatically using a purpose-built riveting machine. 

The correct specification of the rivet is the key to a successful application. We have included the main dimensions below, which will give you a guide to specifying the length of the rivet. 

To find out more about semi tubular rivets, and their shank forms, click here.

Self-Piercing Rivets

The self-piercing rivet is probably the most exciting development in riveting for many years… a rivet which does not need a hole! From garage doors, to automotive applications, this rivet can do the job. Here at Clevedon Fasteners, we are able to provide complete project management and support for self-piercing applications; hopefully making your job a little easier. 

We specialise in optimising the joint strength in applications to ensure maximum customer benefit, and our technical sales team are always on-hand to help you develop a rivet for your specific needs. Working with our partners, we are able to offer a complete fastening solution. If you would like to find out more, click here.

Brake Lining Rivets

Our range of brake lining rivets are supplied to globally accepted standards, as well as customer specific requirements. We have set up a Division of Clevedon Fasteners, which is dedicated to supplying brake lining rivets and other parts used by the commercial vehicle, OEM, and re-lining industry. 

If you would like to find out more about our brake lining rivets, which are now sold through our new division, Clevtec, click here: Clevtec are also approved to ISO 9001:2008 (FM00256) – view the certificate here.

Clutch Disc Rivets

Our clutch disc and spacers are supplied to all major OEM specifications – to the highest quality standards, and are manufactured from low carbon steel. Our Clevtec division now provide our clutch disc rivets, which are available here.
Riveting Machines

We provide our customers with a complete fastener management system and offer a full range of machines for assembly of semi and fully tubular rivets which cover the complete spectrum of customer requirements. In conjunction with these, we can also supply a competitive spares, tooling and service package. 

Get in Touch

 As always, the team are on-hand to take your call if you have any questions, or if you know what you want and would like to make an order. Simply give us a call on 0121 3780619, or email us at, or contact Steve at 

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