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Wednesday 24th Jun 2020

Get Specific. Save Money.

Here at Clevedon Fasteners, we are happy to manufacture products to BS, ISO, DIN, and other international standards – however, many of our products are actually customer-specific. This is possible because we work with our customers to develop components for specific applications. Approximately 50% of our manufacturing program is given over to specials. 

We are able to help customers when it comes to cost downs. This usually involves taking a turned part and converting it to a forged part; leading to a considerable saving in material. Cold forging is also a way of producing stronger piece parts, as the gain flow is not broken, unlike a turned part. These factors, plus many others, make cold forging a very cost-effective alternative to turned parts. 

So, how do you go about creating specific products for your project? 

  1. Contact the team to show/send them the details of your specific application
  2. Try to ensure a drawing or sketch is included, to enable us to get back to you in the quickest possible time
  3. We'll get to work!
When sending through the details of your specific applications, along with any drawings or sketches – it is important for us to be aware of aspects such as safety critical, marine environment, and extreme heat for example. It would also be beneficial for the team to know of any heat treatment or plating requirements you would like as part of your specially manufactured products. 

We are invested in getting the economy firing again, and to increase the productivity of businesses throughout the UK, by ensuring our products are perfect for your next project – big or small. You can discover more about how we are helping to fire up the economy here.

If you would like to find out more about our Specials, or about how you can save money by getting specific, click here. Alternatively, why not get in touch with a member of the friendly team by calling us on 0121 3780619, or by completing the simple contact form here.

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