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Tuesday 7th Nov 2023

4 Key Fasteners and Why You Should Use Them

Fasteners come in all shapes and sizes, with different types of hardware being used to mechanically join objects together. They play an essential role in many sectors such as construction and automotive to form either a permanent or non-permanent joint. With so many parts on the market, you may be wondering where to start?

To help, here are 4 stand-out fasteners which hold exceptional benefits in both strength and reliability:

1. Semi Tubular Rivets

Semi Tubular Rivets are a permanent fastener used commonly for electronics, lighting, brakes and more. Due to their reliability and strength, they are perfect for high pressure applications within the construction and automotive industry.

The tubular design of these rivets offer superior tensile and shear strength, for an overall strong joint. Semi Tubular Rivets are also easier to install than some of their counterparts, and with the correct machinery they can be swiftly applied for a streamlined process.

2. Solid Rivets

As one of the oldest and most commonly used types of fasteners, Solid Rivets have definitely stood the test of time. They are often chosen for applications where safety is critical, which is why they can often be found in aerospace manufacturing applications.

Their strength is exceptional, and the secureness of their fit reduces the likelihood of loosening caused by stress or vibrations. The toughness of Solid Rivets also helps them withstand extreme conditions and high temperatures.

3. Brake Lining Rivets

Used primarily in automotive applications, Brake Lining Rivets are used to secure the brake lining material to the brake shoes or pads on vehicles. Though they are small, they contribute to the effectiveness and longevity of a vehicle’s braking system.

Brake Lining Rivets are a more robust alternative to bonding and are often made of durable materials such as copper and steel. This crucial fastener creates a strong and secure fastening which enhances the safety of the braking system and the overall vehicle. 

4. Self Piercing Rivets

The emergence of Self Piercing Rivets was seen as a game-changer due to their quick, single-step process which eliminates the need for pre-drilling. They are now commonly used in the automotive and electronics industries.

Aside from their fast and efficient installation, they are great for joining two dissimilar metals or materials which can’t be joined through welding, such as combining aluminium and steel. Self Piercing Rivets can benefit manufacturers by offering savings in both time and energy costs.

Fasteners Manufactured For Longevity

It’s important to source any of the mentioned fasteners from a reputable supplier with a commitment to quality, and this is where Clevedon Fasteners excels! Our detailed Quality Management System ensures that each fastener, no matter how small, is guaranteed for success. 

If you need industrial fasteners and components for an upcoming project, then our team would be happy to impart their knowledge and discuss how we could help you with our products and services. Contact us here.

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