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Thursday 21st Jan 2021

2021 - Keep Moving Forward

2021 has arrived, as have many changes and challenges. We are no longer part of the EU and businesses throughout the country have battled through lockdown, with struggles ahead. However, amongst the challenges, we have also received positive news – the COVID-19 vaccination that our fantastic scientists have worked incredibly hard to produce, in a bid to help the world return to some sort of "normal”. 

Here at Clevedon Fasteners, we want to ensure that your projects continue running smoothly, and are not affected by the UK’s transition, or lockdown – which is why we are remaining fully operational. However, we could not have done this without our existing and new clients continuing their projects during the difficult year of 2020; something we are extremely grateful for. Our aim now is to give back, to help bring a boost to businesses efficiency and productivity. 

In order to help keep things moving forward, we are continuing to provide each of our bespoke services, as well as our quality products. To prevent your project from being delayed and to continue trading with ourselves, or any UK company, you will be required to send us your EORI number. The best advice we can give our customers is to plan ahead, get your orders in early, and to stay in touch with us to receive the latest and important updates. You can read more about how to avoid disruption to orders caused by Brexit in our useful news article here. 

Our customers can rest assured that their orders have been handled and prepared in a COVID-safe environment. We are pleased to announce that we can confirm we have complied with the Government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19; we have completed the below: 

- Carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with our team
- We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance
- We have taken all reasonable steps to help people work from home
- We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance in the workplace 
- Where people cannot be 2m apart, we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk 

Have you got an upcoming project in mind you require support with? Why not take a look through our range of popular products here. Get in touch with the team today to discover how we can help, and the services we can provide to encourage the continuing growth of your organisation: 

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