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Tuesday 24th Nov 2020

Avoid disruption to orders caused by Brexit

With the date of the 1st January 2021 looming, we are all aware there will be many changes to the way we do things as a business due to Brexit. Many of our orders are shipped out at our borders, where there is likely going to be a little chaos for a while whilst the country gets used to the new processes of trading with the EU. 

This means there will likely be disruption and delays caused to the orders we are shipping out through no fault of yourself or our team, and we wanted to give you, our valued customers, some best practices to ensure you get what you need in time for your new years’ projects. 

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is always best when it comes to uncertainty – be sure to plan what you can, and get your order list prepared with the items you will need the most. 

Get your order in early
Be sure to get your order(s) in early to avoid the rush at the borders in the run up to Christmas and the new year. The team here at Clevedon Fasteners will do everything they can to help ensure this process is as simple as possible for you.

Please note that if you wish to continue to trade with us or any UK company you will be required to send us your EORI number. 

Stay in touch with us 

Keep in touch with us throughout your project planning and we will be able to help get your orders prepared and shipped to ensure they are with you when you need them. We will also post regular updates over on our social media channels, as well as the news area of our website. 

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