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Wednesday 10th Jan 2024

The Future of AI Manufacturing

As you may know, AI is gradually being implemented into various industries and those adapting and embracing these technologies can see an improvement on their bottom lines.

For manufacturing in particular, AI-driven robots and automation are improving manufacturing processes, leading to increased productivity and quality control.

But should we be implementing AI into our business processes now, or do we have a way to go? As AI is at the early stage of its development, it’s important for businesses to approach AI implementation with careful planning, clear goals, and a strong emphasis on ethics and responsible AI use.

In this news article we delve into this topic further and what us as manufacturers need to consider and factor in.

What is AI and CV AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines and computer systems.

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence (CV AI) that enables computers and systems to take important information from digital images, videos and other visual inputs — and take actions or make recommendations based on that information.

Deploying AI at Scale

Within the manufacturing industry, AI can help contribute in:

  •         Detecting defects throughout the production process.
  •         Deploying predictive maintenance to reduce downtime.
  •         Responding to real-time changes in demand across the supply chain.
  •         Reducing costs of small-batch or single-run goods, enabling greater customisation.
  •         Improving employee satisfaction by shifting mundane tasks to machines.

Our Manufacturing Process

Despite not implementing AI into our processes just yet, we can see the potential. That said, we’re always growing and advancing, and we continue to pride ourselves on our sophisticated in-house manufacturing plant, based in Sutton Coldfield.

This gives us the flexibility to customise parts and offer cost effective solutions due to it all being done on site. Plus, we are ISO 14001 certified meaning our quality regime is second to none, with our sustainable agenda at the forefront of our processes.

Choosing The Right Manufacturer For You

We are a proactive, diligent company and we are certainly not ignoring AI but on a large capacity, this investment will take careful planning to come into fruition. We care about our clients and the services that we offer so we are keen to constantly listen to them and use our expertise to keep the business thriving.  

To find out more about Clevedon Fasteners, our wide range of products and how we could help you, simply get in touch with our team today here.



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