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Tuesday 27th Oct 2020

Increasing safety during the return to work and preparing for Brexit

Here at Clevedon Fasteners, we pride ourselves on the fact that our products and services are able to help other businesses continue to run smoothly – even during unprecedented times. Many businesses within the manufacturing industry are slowly returning to work; there are certain priorities at the forefront of our minds: 

- Employee safety 
- Social distancing 
- COVID security 
- Brexit 

All businesses take the safety and security of their employees seriously – however it has now become more important than ever. We are pleased to announce that we can confirm we have complied with the Government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 within the workplace, as well as outside the workplace. We have completed a range of tasks to ensure this has been successful – such as carrying out a COVID-19 risk assessment, having cleaning and other hygiene procedures in place, taken all responsible steps to maintain a 2m distance within the workplace – plus much more. You can read more about what we have done to increase the COVID-security of our factories here

Not only do we need to be prepared to make our places of work COVID-secure, but we also need to prepare for Brexit. It is vital that we, as an industrial sector, work hard to ensure our valued businesses are not affected by Brexit negatively. Whilst there are many pros, and many cons of Brexit, one thing is for certain – there will be change. There are some steps that we can take in the meantime to help us prepare: 

- Review your trading relationships with companies in EU states
- Review existing contracts with companies based in other EU states
- Consider short-term implications sooner rather than later (such as devaluation of the pound, impact on trading, market volatility) 
- Stay as up to date as possible and try to develop a long-term plan to deal with threats and opportunities related to Brexit

If you would like to find out more about how our UK-based organisation can help with the manufacturing aspects of your next project, the team will be happy to speak with you. Feel free to call us on 0121 3780619, or email us at

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