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Friday 14th Oct 2022

How Our Fasteners Are Manufactured To Last

Fasteners are important in holding together numerous projects, however arguably more important is ensuring that these fasteners stand the test of time and provide longevity. No matter how big or small the application, safety and reliability are at the forefront when it comes to fastener expectations.

Here at Clevedon Fasteners, we have cemented a reputation of reliability in the industry by perfecting the manufacturing of our fasteners to ensure a long-lasting application. Here are a number of ways in which our fasteners are made to last:

Custom Finishes and Plating

Heat treatments and plating are effective in providing corrosion and wear protection against any environment. It can be bespoke depending on the purpose and location of the finished product such as in the marine or construction industry. We can provide heat treatments and plating to any commercially available specification or finish, plus our expert team will be able to provide advice on finishes that will guarantee permanence.

Enhanced Quality Control

An important element of our processes is quality control, our thorough regime keeps our parts consistent and reliable. Quality control is key in guaranteeing long-lasting fasteners and without a comprehensive system in place, ineffective parts could easily slip through the net and make it into an application. With our quality fasteners, you are assured that each part is dependable and will not require replacing unnecessarily.

Facilitating Specials

A lot of applications require a bespoke fastener designed specifically to custom dimensions that will provide an effective and long-life project. We are accustomed to assisting manufacturers with unique products for specific applications. A component produced to tailored specifications will undoubtedly provide a reliable fastening.

When purchasing fasteners from Clevedon Fasteners you are also benefiting from our extensive experience and knowledge of the ins and outs of fasteners. As qualified experts, we can advise clients on the best materials and finishes for their application in order to help support sustainable durability.

Cold Forged for Strength

We specialise in components manufactured using cold forging, a method which is renowned for creating high-strength fasteners. During manufacturing, the material is fed into a die or multiple dies and in this process, the grain flow moves into the die to produce the desired net shape. This has shown to be more advantageous strength-wise than other methods such as machining. To learn more about the benefits of cold forged fasteners, visit our previous news article here.

Holding Your Projects Together

As described, our fasteners and components are manufactured with quality and endurance as a priority. Benefit from exceptional products delivered with excellent customer service and attention to detail in our services. Let us know the details of your next project and any specifications and we can discuss the best fastener options for you. Contact us here.

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