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Monday 7th Feb 2022

A Spotlight On Self Piercing Rivets

Self piercing riveting (SPR) offers a quick, single-step fastening process used to join sheet materials such as steels. The process typically uses a semi-tubular rivet to clinch the sheets as it drives into them. The result is a mechanical interlock between similar or dissimilar materials which serves as a strong joint.

To produce the rivet, sheets are clamped between a die and holder which is then put through a press tool that drives the rivet through the sheets. In doing so, the lower sheet expands into the die shape creating the joint.

As a relatively recent development, self piercing rivets require no hole and are used in a variety of sectors within manufacturing such as automotive and building products. We stock self piercing rivets to a variety of distributors, view our range here.

The Benefits

Fast and Efficient – Conventionally when you require riveting a hole it can add additional time to the process. However, a self piercing rivet takes out this requirement and results in a rapid one-operation process.
Combination Joining – Self piercing rivets are often favoured over welding in applications where non-weldable materials or disparate metals need to be joined. A popular combination in which this method is used is in the joining of aluminium and steel.

Heat and Energy Savings – The saving of heat is beneficial safety-wise as no sparks or fumes are present, although other safety measures such as goggles must still be maintained.

Also as energy costs rise in the UK low-energy cost processes are becoming increasingly attractive. Self piercing riveting is often praised as a cost-effective method due to its quick cycle and low energy requirements.

More Strength and Less Fatigue – Self piercing rivets have been used as an alternative to spot welding and when studies have compared the two, joints created by self piercing rivets showed improved fatigue behaviour and greater strength.

Get In Touch To Start Using Self Piercing Rivets

We supply self piercing rivets to manufacturers to provide a complete fastening solution. If you are thinking of amending your processes to include these high quality rivets then we can provide the products, project management and support needed to optimise your application. Get in touch with our specialist team today to get your project moving forward, here.

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