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Friday 8th Sep 2023

5 Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Fastener Supplier

Even the smallest fastener can play a huge part in your production process, and without them, delays in orders can occur which slows down your operations and can disappoint customers. The knock-on effect of an incorrect fastener or missed order can cause major inconveniences!

Fortunately, there is a solution to avoid this: A dedicated fastener supplier. Here are 5 ways in which partnering with a good full-service fastener distributor can benefit your business in more ways than one:

1. Get Custom Fasteners 

Many applications require custom fasteners that differ from the standard products you would find in a catalogue, and you may find it hard to find a match for your list of requirements. This is where a supplier with in-house manufacturing capabilities can help! Whether it’s specifications in dimensions, materials or finishes, you will be able to bring your part to reality.

We produce a variety of specials for our customers at our advanced manufacturing plant, all we need is your drawing, standards and any crucial part or stock requirements.

2. Reduce Costs

Faulty or incorrect fasteners cause you to not only lose costs from the order, but they also lead to a backlog of production issues. With a devoted supplier, you get the reassurance that the fasteners will be of the highest quality. They will know your business and operations, meaning the risks of order slip-ups will be significantly lessened. 

Many suppliers will also allow you to buy in bulk, which will help your businesses bottom line in the long run. 

3. Set Up Bespoke Delivery Plans

A good fastener distributor will help you optimise your inventory with reliable deliveries, guaranteed and tailored to you. Every business is different so a supplier will work with you to ensure the delivery of your components meets your unique requirements.

Our delivery offering includes online proof of delivery to ensure dispatches are tracked from our headquarters directly to your premises. Systems like this give you reassurance and greater control over your supply chain.

4. Save On Admin Time

Another value of the bespoke services provided by your fastener supplier, is the savings in administration time. Without the need for constant repeat orders and the time-consuming hassle of sourcing parts, you can reallocate your time to tasks that further your sales.

Our customers can set up blanket orders, which works perfectly to streamline orders in one step and enhance workflow. 

5. Receive Expertise Backed Recommendations

You are not only getting a product from a fastener distributor, but you will also benefit from their knowledge, experience and qualifications. Any reputable supplier will be able to assist with any queries, offering recommendations that can save you money and guarantee a secure installation.

They should be able to demonstrate their capacities through accreditations such as ISO certifications and their adherence to fastener standards.

Looking For A Quality Supplier?

If you want to partner with a fastener supplier that ticks all of the above boxes and more, then look no further than Clevedon Fasteners! We combine our exceptional in-house manufacturing services with our expert team to supply fasteners to customers, OEMs and distributors across industries.

You are guaranteed excellence with us due to our up-to-date accreditations and thorough quality management system. Get in touch with our team today for a no-obligation discussion on how we can meet your fastener needs.

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